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Battle of Takodana


This is an idea that I have to give lego a mini scale Star Wars battle.

This is a diorama of the Battle of Takonada using mini scale. A Tie Fighter has been hit by the black X-Wing and is in flames. A white X-Wing is attacking Kylo Ren's command space ship above the water, forming waves. The ruins of the former castle of Mass Catana lies ahead on the edge of the lake. 

This Diorama represents the moment when the resistance is winning and the first order is trying to escape but the victory is no good for the resistance since the first order got what they wanted.

Build this Lego diorama to recreate  the epic battle between the First Order and the Resistance in Episode 7. Now is your turn to join and create your battle against the fist order on Takodana.  

This LEGO contains a blue lego panel, two micro scale resistance X-Wings, a First Order Tie-Fighter and the Kylo-Ren comand shuttle.

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