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Pat The Pigeon & Sully The Sparrow

I had always wanted to build a bird with wings that could fold in and out. I tried many times and had many failiures. Finally, I succeded! Introducing, Pat the pigeon and his trusty friend, Sully the sparrow.

This idea includes:

  • 1 pigeon (with wings that can fold in and out)
  • 1 sparrow
  • 1 hot dog
  • 1 baseplate

Here is the backstory of their friendship:

Patrick the pigeon and Sullivan the sparrow are two adventurous friends. They met in unexpected circumstances when one day, Patrick was busy investigating some dropped newspaper. Suddenly, Patrick noticed a small brown bird hopping quickly along the sidewalk. A few momments later, he spotted a dog running after the bird. 'Oh no!' he relalized, the little brown bird was going to be caught! He flew to the small bird and said: "Climb on my back". The little brown bird jumped onto Patrick's back and Patrick flew as fast as he could to safety.

Patrick later found out that the little brown bird was named Sully. Sully had broken his wings in a narrow encounter with the dog so he couldn't fly. They soon became the best of friends exploring the nooks and crannies of the city.

Fun facts:

  • The common city pigeon is actually called a Rock Pigeon
  • Rock Pigeons originated from Europe and North Africa 
  • The familliar city sparrow is actually called the House sparrow 



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