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Vivario Station, Corsica [LDD]

Vivario station, Corsica - Gare de Vivario, Corse

Vivario station is a minor crossing station on the CFC, Chemins de fer de Corse, in Corsica and therefore has a large water tower and 2 water taps to supply steam locomotives with water.

The station manager has a fully furnished apartment on the first floor with kitchen, living room and bedroom. He also has a dog who loves to watch television.

Special construction details include the fact that the roof and first floor can be lifted off and one side of the station building can be opened.

There are used 2380 elements and all new stickers prints are drawn in Microsoft PowerPoint and are adapted to LDD's standard size.

Vivario is a small town in the Haute-Corse department of France on the island of Corsica. Vivario is on the railway line between Bastia and Ajaccio and the station is approx. in the middle of the island.

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