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Ambush of the Ithilien Rangers

I tried to build like a Lego set, so I tried to add as many functions (as ludicrous as they may be) to the build.

Also, since Lego already has the licenses to LOTR, I don't think creating this set should pose any problems when it comes to production.

The set itself is supposed to recreate Sam, Frodo, and Gollum's first encounter with an Oliphaunt, and Faramir in 'The Two Towers'.

The set comes with eight minifigs: Faramir, Gondor soldier, Sam, Frodo, Gollum, and three Haradrim.
It also has an Oliphaunt and a small rocky outcrop for the hobbits to hide.
Functions include a trapdoor in the hill, a catapault on the Oliphaunt, a posable head on the Oliphaunt and the ability for the Oliphaunt to walk.

This video should explain everything else.

Enjoy and please support!

The video

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