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Motorized Tourist Monorail


Welcome, aboard the motorized tourist monorail. My challenge in building this train was to get it to run properly on the monorail. Thus, it was necessary to build the lightest possible train to run on the monorail while keeping many details.

- It consists of about 1500 bricks: the train about 700 bricks and the monorail about 800 bricks.
- The train is 66cm long, 6cm wide, 12cm high with smoke. The locomotive is full of details: smoke, horn with the handle to activate it... It pulls two cars: the car containing the infrared receiver and the AAA battery box and the tourist car.
- The monorail is about 2.80 meters long. The monorail can be set up straight or in a circle. It is assembled piece by piece. Also, it can be detached in several places for easy storage.
6 minifigures are suggested: the conductor and 5 tourists.

With the remote control run the train on the monorail. It works with an L-motor that drives gears that turn two wheels. In the end, the train runs on the monorail. Each wagon is equipped with a steering system.

I hope you like it very much and if you do, don't hesitate to support it. Thank you all very much.

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