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Wanda's Workshop, Sea of Thieves

My creation is heavily Inspired by my favourite videogame, the perfect pirate fantasy Sea Of Thieves. My creation represents a building that can be found on golden sands outpost, a weapon smiths run and owned by Wanda. In Sea Of Thieves the player can purchase and swap their weaponry from Wanda. I have been playing with Lego for as long as I can remember, but this Is my first major digital Lego project, motivated mostly (aside from my love of Sea Of Thieves) by the fact that I have only recently installed and tried the Bricklink developed Lego design program Studio2.0. This program has allowed me access to the full Lego brick catalogues and to visualize fully whatever Ideas I have in my mind. I am a big fan of the Lego Pirates line, as well as the retired POTC products, and as such am a firm believer that even more pirate themed Lego sets should be introduced!

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