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Christmas Tree Shop


This antique style palace houses two different spaces: on the ground floor is a tree shop, while on the first floor there is an apartment.

The tree shop is composed of two rooms: one with the cash and a display of Christmas decorations and the other is full of trees ready to be sold.  Outside on the pavement, more trees are on display. From a big entrance on the side of the building, it is possible to carry in the trees that are brought by a heavy truck.

To get access to the apartment, there is a staircase at the back of the shop. It leads to a three-room space with a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. The kitchen is filled everything you need to cook magnificent meals. In the living room, there are a large TV and a comfortable sofa. The bathroom is equipped with WC (toilet), sink, and mirror.

There is a big sign on the rooftop that attracts customers.

This scene made of 1412 pieces and contains 6 mini-figures:

- the shop cashier and the driver of the truck;

-a couple of elderly people:

-a dad with his son;

Hope you like it:)

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