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Multiverse: Axel's Armored Tunnel Devastator

Now presenting, Axel's Tunnel Devastator. The set is inspired by my personal writing, as well as inspired by the themes "Rock Raiders" and "Power Miners." Help Axel and his companion Rocko reclaim the stolen Power Crystals and Gems from the Devastation Syndicate. The Set contains two Power Crystals, eight Gems, nine Mining Tools, Tool Crate, Stolen Transport Chest, two smaller Flames, and five Minifigures, Axel Rod (1st minifigure) , Rocko (blue rock monster), General Ashtinaro Magar (2nd minifigure), Ares Magar (3rd minifigure), and Flamzia (fire rock monster). The actual vehicle includes two multi-stud shooters and removable roof which allows more space for multiple minifigures, crate of tools, and chest of crystals and gems.

I personally feel the set may interest many collectors and builders due to the inclusion of exclusive elements included in original "Rock Raiders" sets and two exclusive "Power Miners" styled rock monster minifigures.

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