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Steam Engine


All aboard! This steam engine is ready to depart to its next destination! With room for 14 passengers (7 per car) this Lego Steam Engine set is ready to join your world to serve your citizens in good old fashioned train ride! This set comes with 7 minifigures (a locomotive enginer, conductor, and 5 passengers.) Also included is a steam engine with tender and 2 red passenger cars! This set will have power functions, but I do not have the functions, so it is not with the train currently, but it is supposed to be power functioned. This set will also have 16 curved pieces and 12 straight pieces of train track. Also, there is a golden whistle, as well as a snowplow for the train in the front. Again, I do not have a snowplow, but it is supposed to be included with this marvelous set. 

     Lego hasn't released a normal steam train in a long time, so I think having a black steam engine will be a great addition to many peoples world.

      So clear the track, see the black train chuffing down the train track, put the coal in the fireplace, and off we go! Thank you in advance for supporting, and hope to see this set on a store shelf near you soon!

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