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Aviatik B.II: First World War Aircraft


The Aviatik B.II was a ‘workhorse’ of the German and Austro-Hungarian air forces from 1915 to 1916. It was an unarmed reconnaissance machine which was occasionally used for bombing missions. The convention of this period demanded that the pilot sat in the rear cockpit while the observer sat in front, where (in defiance of all logic) he had a severely limited field of view. This model is shown in Austro-Hungarian colours. Note the side-mounted radiator panels common to Aviatik and Albatros two-seaters of this period.

I've had a few queries about brick count and scale of these models. Brick count seems to be in the 300 to 400 range. My best estimate of the scale is 1/22nd, though I have to add the disclaimer that I approach these projects more as artist than scientist. I mentioned in my B.E.2b project that as far as I am concerned, the pilot figures have a 'virtual' height of 8cm (based on head size), rather than the actual 4cm of the minifigures. If you scaled an 8cm figure up from 1/22nd, then he or she would be 176 cm which sounds about right.

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