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Bouncing LEGO Lowrider

"Same things make us laugh, make us cry." - Big Smoke,1992

Introducing a new LEGO Ideas project that is bound to get you jumping with excitement - a LEGO Bouncing Lowrider Car! This build is a sleek, stylish lowrider that not only looks good but also has the ability to bounce right off the baseplate.
With fully functioning suspension and a powerful hand-cranked mechanism, not only is it an incredibly fun toy to play with, but it's also a great way to introduce kids (and adults) to simple mechanics.

For me, the best part of this Ideas product it’s true reflection of the lowrider car culture. With its roots in Latino communities in the United States, lowriders have become a symbol of self-expression and creativity - just like LEGO is for me.
So what are you waiting for? Vote for the LEGO Jumping Lowrider Car now and make this bad boy a reality. With a unique design, attention to detail, and endless opportunities for fun, pop your collar, give a holla, and please help make this Idea a reality!

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