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The Intrepid Trio (Build your own Story)


Explore the depths of the mysterious cave with the Intrepid Trio! In this "Build your own Story" set, you can construct a unique adventure for you and your minifigures. Ride up to the abandoned property with the cute red car, examine the old rickety fence and leaning 'Keep Out' sign, and marvel at the beautiful trees. Step into the highly detailed mountain pass as you approach the cave threshold. And once you enter, who knows what you'll find...

To see inside, easily remove the tops of the cave to explore all the possibilities. Constructed using an 8x8 modular system, you can build your own exciting details--even traps! In the examples included, you'll find a giant spider web, hidden treasure, cave formations, and crumbling rock (pull the pin to drop your minifigure into the rock). There are 12 total 8x8 sections--who knows what the adventurers could find!


  • Stylish red car
  • 3 unique minifigures
  • Leaning 'Keep Out' sign
  • Rickety fence with "broken" pickets
  • Colorful, natural elements
  • Highly detailed mountain pass
  • 12 8x8 modular sections

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Special thanks to Mr. Roy and catznbears for their constant support and contribution!


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