Product Idea

The Asterix's Village

This project was made by Fil brick and Disneybrick55

We are in 50 BC. All of Gaul is occupied by the Romans ... All? No ! A village populated by irreducible Gauls still resists the invader. Take part in the adventure with this new project: the Asterix's village !

Why this project

Both fan of lego we decided to create something which mixes our passion for bricks and comics, that's why we chose a famous and colorfull univers based on a French licence: Asterix. 

About the project

Well, we created the iconic village of Asterix which includes four original huts, a part of the perimeter wall lot of accessories, eleven minifigures and a boar !
The global project contains:
-Abraracourcix's hut
-Assurancetourix's hut
-Ordralfabetix's hut
-Cetautomatix's hut
- a perimeter wall
- 11 minifigures: Asterix, Obelix, Assurancetourix, Abraracourcix, Ordralfabetix, Bonemine,  Cetautomatix, Panoramix, a legionary, two roman soldiers and idefix. 
The project contains arround 2900 parts 

Asterix is a colorfull univers loved by kids and adult all around the world, that's why it will be a great lego ideas set.  

This project was created by two French fan of lego (and Asterix of course) : Fil brick and Disneybrick55.
All logos, artworks were made by Fil brick
Enjoy this project by toutatis !