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Modular Park


What's more fun than a park?

Obviously Lego, but combine the two and the fun never stops!

With a merry-go-round, a sandbox, and a playground - kids will want to stay the whole day here! They very well could, there's a restroom and a hotdog stand, plus plenty of benches to sit down at.

The park is built on one and a half baseplates, giving kids plenty of room to run around. It connects to other modular buildings with the technic pins. Only this time, the pins are going the other way! This gives your modular layout a new feature of a inverted corner modular.

  • Restroom
    • Flip-open roof for easy access
    • Toilet with toilet paper
    • Sink with soap
    • Trash bin
  • Playground
    • Rearrangeable
    • Can be placed in park or just alone
    • Comes apart in 4 sections
      • Main tower with rock wall and slide
      • Stairs
      • Swing set with moving swing
      • Small post with railing

Video of the playground-


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