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Yellow Castle Diorama

The magnificent Yellow Castle Diorama created by me Bruno Moreiras from Brazil.  
Lego has always inspired me, and no other theme inspires me more than castles. So imagine a world where you can display your favorite Lego castle in almost any room, with all the details that a Lego set has. What better way to do that than with a diorama castle.
So in this model, I am trying to build what a Yellow Castle Diorama would look like with the pieces I have on hand. A castle in the mountains surrounded by the sea with a big tree supporting the left side of the castle and stone structures on the right side, with some additions like the black falcon banner, the two red crystals on the front of the diorama and in the middle a place to write the name of the display and an easter egg inside the castle.
If you can support this set, that would be awesome and a dream come true for me. Share the love of castles and display sets with everyone.
Thank you very much for the support

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