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Tropical Villa


The Tropical Villa is the kind of house you would build in a place near the equator.  This one bedroom villa has kitchen, bathroom, powder room and a spacious living/dining room. To reflect the way this would appear in real life, the Lego version I have created has walls in shades of beige/brown - the colour of the paint that would be used over the cement/plastered wall. The bright orange roof tiles represent the terra cotta tiles or processed aluminium sheets that would be used. Check out the  many windows to allow much needed cross ventilation in the tropics. Adding to all this are a variety of trees, flowers and vegetation that everyone would want in Tropical Villa. What's a Lego model without minifigures? Inside the building you will find model furniture - beds, chairs, a couch and more. 

Are you longing to go for a stay in the warm tropics? Then please support this 1930 brick Tropical Villa. Thanks for taking the time to look at it.

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