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Mech Destroyer

Humanized fish Mech Destroyer (with assistance from mini Mech) have several reapers helping in the mission to destroy the skeleton fighters.  The reapers can control and guide the Mech Destroyers by sitting in their mouths. Mech Destroyer has one skeleton fighter captured in a lava tank on his back. Ryan who runs a business called Ryan's fried eggs is an innocent bystander watching the battle unfold.  The golden fighter has a snake with a chair on top and is leading the fight for the skeletons against Mech Destroyer. This would make a great LEGO set because it has many different play features including spring loaded and stud cannons, several moveable joints, open and closing Mech mouths for inserting controlling reapers, a snake that can assume multiple positions on the ground and above the ground (by a folding support pole), and several different details like boosters, guns, cannons, and gems. 

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