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The Temple at the End of the World

‘far to the east where the earth falls into the sea, a group of floating islands are moored to the rock. It is said that if the chains are ever cut, Havoc will be released and the earth shall fall into the ocean once and for all. Upon each island there stands a temple left from past ages; these are pilgrimage sites for only the most devoted and few come back…’

The hype about LEGO Tensegrity may have passed but there is still no doubt that there needs to be an official tensegrity set. Here I have depicted a floating island held over the sea. It would make a beautiful little desk ornament or shelf display and would catch the eye from anywhere in the room.

I would say the build is quite sturdy and well built with some interesting part usage: minifig legs for land and minifig hands for branches. I know originally, LEGO tensegrity Mocs have had the chains going straight down however I think this sloping gives it the illusion that it is indeed moored to the cliff and trying to float away.

Please support this model. It is my first product idea that I have posted so it would be great if you could be one of my first supporters!

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