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Primal Gate

Welcome to my latest project, the Primal Gate!

This model is the part of the LEGO Mayan collection that I built during the last few years. My favourite MOC topic is the Mayan buildings, and I already submitted in this theme (The Forgotten Temple), so it was easy to choose this build to submit.
The Primal Gate is a forgotten and untouched entrance of the Mayan empire. It contains two symmetrical sides, all filled with carvings and stonework of the primal Mayan gods.
The upper floor contains two giant stone heads and some animal gods carved on the stone. The whole building is ruined and filled with moss, plants and flowers. On the backside of the gate, a stair leads to the upper floor.
I used light bluish grey as main colour and dark tan, sand green, olive green, dark green and green to create more natural effect.
I guess this would be a great LEGO set, because it is detailed enough, still easy to build, looks nice and it is a unique build.
I would appreciate your support to reach 10k!
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Thank you!