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The Talon Interceptor K-Class & Kestrel B-Class Scout


Here we have my Talon Interceptor K-Class & Kestrel B-Class Scout. These are a pair, and work together to intercept other spacecraft.

First we have the main spacecraft:

The Talon Interceptor K-Class- this is an interceptor craft capable of space combat. It is very adaptable and agile. Because of this it can outrun most craft but also stay and fight if it needs to. Features include:

  • articulated talon feet so it can land on any surface.
  • feathered wing tips which can move to adjust the drag. they also help with tight turning.
  • wings which move up and down that not only aid its speed, but help with tricky landings.
  • fully adjustable tail section.
  • hinged cockpit which can be positioned to help the pilot see in different situations.
  • laser turrets for combat.
  • twin rocket engines for maximum thrust and also has a cooling system on the underbelly.

The Kestrel Scout K-Class- this little craft sits in the body of the Interceptor and is used to scout out areas of danger before the Interceptor moves in. It can be launched straight from the Interceptor and has its own pilot. It has its own weapons to get it out of situations but because its small, it can usually outmaneuver its way out of trouble.

I've put a short video together which shows a bit more of my project so please take a look.


About my project.

I wanted to create something to do with spacecrafts and my love of them. I wanted it to appeal to not only those who wanted to play, but also to those who wanted to display something cool. It had to have lots of moving parts but at the same time be strong enough for play. For those who want to display it, moving the cockpit, tail and wings can give it many different looks.






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