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The Soviet moon rocket!

N1, a super heavy-lift launch vehicle from the Soviet Union, developed in the 60s. The 105 meters tall rocket was the soviets attemt at a moon rocket. Five where buildt, four launches failed, the fifth being canceled.
It still remains the most powerfull first stage rocket ever, but the first stage were also the source of many of the problems, as it was very complicated, it consisted of 30 rocket engines, wich could't be tested as a full assembly.

Still, while it never had any successful launches, it is an very interesting piece of space history, with a super cool design.

The N1 was a fun project to design, and an equaly fun build.

Not a toy, only for display. If anyone is interesting in building it, keep in mind its quite fragile, it stands without supports, but laying down it needs alot of support. I have build it, as you can see here on bricklink:

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