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Tabletop Roleplaying Dice Tower & Alteration Sets


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A tabletop gaming dice tower to use for roleplaying games. A fun accent piece for any DM. The tower stands roughly 23 bricks tall and has a diameter of 20 studs with 22 1x2 hinge plates making up the towers ring. The tower with the dice tray is roughly 1500 elements. The top level stores a standard set of roleplaying dice. An optional elevated tray to house your lucky d20 or to imprison your unlucky one for the session. The mounted cannon is in case one of your players is on their phone and you need to get their attention by firing a brick across their bow. The second floor along with the right side of the first floor are enclosed interior scenes. The dice tray is easily detachable when not in use.

I am a big fan of Lego and tabletop roleplaying games, so of course I wanted to combine my two loves. It would be a dream to see Lego make a new theme centered around tabletop roleplaying. Lego terrain, buildings, character models, and most of all monsters, lots and lots of monsters to use in home campaigns. A dice tower would be a great precursor to such a theme. Perhaps a partnership with Paizo or Wizards of the Coast to tie into their intellectual properties of creatures and characters. Seeing some of the pieces Lego is already making and the support from the community for medieval and pirate themed Lego sets; a roleplaying Lego theme/universe would be the perfect way to combine all those sets together into a cohesive world. 

Leveled Update 1&2: In line with the idea of building a theme, I have added some alternate dice trays and tower modifications to show the potential of such a Lego set. Allowing for the customization of your tower with potential Lego alteration kits. With a 200-300 piece Lego dice tray alteration set you could easily modify the existing tower to match the environment being traversed by your adventuring party. For those that like darker campaigns I mocked up an alternate dark gray tower set. I didn't stop there, I improved the interior details and added some fantasy/adventurer themed elements for those players that take a closer look through the front door and/or windows of the set. There are also a few elements that only the builder would see.

We all have seen the amazing dragons and creatures designed using Lego. I want to see what other mythical and fantastical creatures this community can create. Imagine traversing a dungeon with your group of adventurers. Fighting off goblin after goblin as you venture deeper into the dungeon where you eventually find yourself up against a towering troll wielding a massive club. Now imagine that every bit of it was made of Legos. If that sounds as amazing to you as it does to me, then let us make it a reality and start creating.

Leveled Update 1&2: Video with breakdown of features, proof of concept build, and dice rolling for those of you interested in knowing how it sounds when dice cascade down the staircase:
Note: Free use stock background images obtained from PIXLR and video created using free use music and Adobe Spark video editor.

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