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Spore Creature Stage


This set is modeled after a game called spore. Spore is based on the theory of evolution. In the game you start out as a cell then evolve to creature, then tribal, then civilization, and finally space stage. This set is obviously created to be the creature stage.


This set is a highly detailed spore creature's creature stage. It includes four characters (that are not Minifigures) an alpha Gary creature and it's baby, an alpha creature from another area, and it also includes an epic creature! With amazing spore detail and 550 pieces this set is a must have.


1. An Epic Creature With Move-able Arms, Legs, Tail, Jaw, And Wings 

2. 2 Alpha Creatures And A Baby Creature

3. A Skeleton Rib Cage, And Two Bones

4. A Detailed Spore Tree, And Spore Bush

5. A Detailed Creature's Nest And Egg

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