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Mecha "Snail"


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"Machine organism"
The distant future, the environment of the earth was harsh.
A highly developed AI has created a Mecha adapted to its natural environment.
The Mecha was designed with reference to living things.
From living creatures that have survived since ancient times, we can learn a lot.

"Snail" is a kind of "shellfish" living in the land.
The runnability of the wasteland is very excellent.
Even though the shell cracks, you can regenerate calcium if you ingest it.
Since calcium is also contained in concrete, it can be replenished in buildings and the like.

This work uses clip parts extensively, you can move the neck freely.
You can use parts of soft material for the tail and enjoy the feel when touching with your fingers.
It is also good to enjoy various variations by using your own block on the surface part of the shell.

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