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Sailboat: Cruising Catamaran - "Daylight Express"


The catamaran is colored white, light blue, and yellow and is 19"x11"x30". The sails are a mainsail & jib; The foredeck is made up of a Jacuzzi, trampoline, & anchor. The outside area is made up of a control room (radio, compass, fish finder, radar, solar panels, GPS, wind turbine) & wheel plus a BBQ, picnic table, Scuba step, & slide. Two engine make the power in port. The living area is made up of a inside control room, dining room & kitchen, & television. The sleeping area is made up of a bathroom, master bedroom, 2 bedroom, small library, washer/dryer & 2 steps. The 2 motorcycles, 2 bicycle, kayak, & zodiac boat bring on a day of excitement when sailing has stopped. The Minifig include four women, four men, a dog, and a dolphin happily join in the fun. 

I built it not because a like water or sailing, but I do like the catamaran. So for the land lover, I did a decent job. This LEGO set would make any person age 13-103 sailing the seas.

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