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Rocket League Scarab

Introducing the car for true Rocket League pros! The Scarab has always been a bit of a joke car, and it was a real challenge to recreate in LEGO, due to the egg shape and the legs going into the wheels.
The Scarab is still in scale with my other rocket league cars, and due to the height, curvature and design of the legs, this car has the most pieces out of all my designs so far, coming in at 2587 pieces. The legs should be able to hold the weight of the car, as there are axles running through the thinner parts of the legs, and taller, pillar like pieces through where the legs connect to the rest of the body.
This car took me over 100 hours to build, this was by far the hardest one I've made to date. The egg shape, legs and having to detail the underside while maintaining structural integrity was very difficult. I hope you enjoy the car!

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