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Scania R730 2 Car Car Transporter

This is my Scania R730 car transporter. It comfortably fits 2 8 stud wide cars. It has a fully detailed interior that, fits 2 minifigs, a bed and a fire extinguisher. It has a modelled in V8 engine that reveals itself when you lift up the cab. In real life the truck has a 16.4 liter turbocharged 90 degree V8 that produces 730hp and 3500nm/tq (2581ft/tq for all of you Americans). In the box of the truck there is a platform which can be folded down if you remove the double technic pins with the little gold end on it. There is also a foldable loading ramp on it to make loading on low cars easy. On both sides of the truck a gullwing door is installed. When you open them the truck reveals the car(s) inside.
The reason I built it was because I really love ways to display Lego models. I also built this for the one year anniversary of my Instagram account (@HydraulicSardine013) I started posting there on the 12th of September 2020. My first build on there was a car transporter but it was more like a recovery truck with a trailer. And if you compare it to the Scania it really shows how much I have grown in my building skills the last year.

Dimensions: 9,2cmx36cmx14,7cm (3,6inx14.2inx5.8in)
Amount of parts: 1428
I think this would be a great Lego set because it uses many interesting techniques such as the grille, the 10-11 wide conversion, the seats, front mudguards, drivetrain and more. And I think it would be a nice change to what’s in the current Lego lineup, since I haven't seen anything like this and as detailed like this in this scale in the current Lego lineup yet.

Please consider supporting if you don't support it already! I appreciate you doing it!

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