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Art Inspired LEGO Lamp Shade

It's a lamp shade. Made using transparent lego bricks the four side show lego versions of some classics from the world of fine art, Starry Night, The Kiss, Big Wave and a take on Rothko. The lamp shade is made completely from lego, even the connection to a standard lamp fitting.

I built the lamp shade because we were sat at home looking at the Steamboat Willie kit thinking wouldn't it be nice if we could come up with something new for Lego. We were sat in the lounge, and our lounge has many lego models dotted around it much to my wife's amazement (well if she will keep buying them for me). So she thought it would be nice to have a lego kit that was made to be in this setting. Nearby us there is a church which has a stained glass window which in these modern times depicts something that looks  really questionable behaviour and we always have a chuckle as we walk passed it. That got me thinking about transparent lego maybe building something for a window like stained glass, We were on holiday in Venice and they do amazing things with glass, including making glass versions of fine art like The Kiss and Starry Night. It was at the moment that the lightbulb moment came, quite literally, and the art inspired lamp shade began to start coming together in my mind. 

The hardest part of the build was making a connector to the floor lamp fitting robust enough to take the weight of the rest of the lamp shade. After several redesigns I'm pleased to say that the current fitting has been on our floor lamp for nearly two months now with no issues. This idea is made to fit the wider lamp fitting more commonly found on floor lamps.

I think this would make a great lego set because it is something that couples around the world can agree on where one half loves to build with lego and the other is more interested in home furnishings. I think this could be a new line and a new take on how lego could be used. It also looks really cool!

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