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N+P Christmas Tree Farm


Hello Everyone! This is Treetop 2017! I am excited to tell you about my new idea for the Lego's Idea Team and the Lego Company to consider making. The long name of my idea is called north+pole christmas tree farm log cabin, but I have shortened it to n+p christmas tree farm log cabin. I will tell you everything that comes with this idea of mine for everyone to vote on and consider making it into a real set. There are about thirty small pieces in this set and four big ones, and i will explain them all to everyone.

Here is the list of the thirty small pieces, the first part is the brown mailbox stand, next you have the mail box that opens up, next you have a newspaper on the mailbox, next you have a red christmas colored garden ball with stand, you also a white garden ball with stand, a red circular flag pole, a white flagpole with flag, two farmer with red caps mini figures,  three small window frames and clear glass windows, yellow door frame and yellow door, and 24 black solar panels.

 Inside the n+p tree farm log cabin you have a white kitchen stove with four gray burners on the back corner, a black frypan on the first burner of the kitchen stove, a brown kitchen sink with water faucet, a white hand soap container with white pump,  a green dish soap container with green hand pump, next to the kitchen sink you have a white kitchen freezer that also opens to help keep food colder, in the center of the n+p christmas tree farm log cabin you have two brown chairs, a brown kitchen table, on top of the kitchen table you have a blue mug, a red mug, and a black pot. On the right hand side of the n+p christmas tree farm log cabin you have a brown small center table that I built, on it you have a white telephone holder with white telephone, a message machine answering system, and a alarm clock that tells the time.

Now I will go into the Four big parts and here is the list first you start out with the brown dirt road, next you have the cement foundation, next you have the n+p christmas tree farm  brown log cabin,  next you have the green yard sign that says n+p f witch stands for the north +pole christmas tree farm brown log cabin, a green piece of square grass, 24 small christmas trees, 24 big christmas trees, a small yellow n+p christmas tree farm truck with a small green christmas tree on it and one big christmas tree on it. I built this idea of mine yesterday while it was windy and raining all day long.

This idea would be great for any of the Lego sets that Lego makes, Lego does not make any of the holiday sets except for train stations and trains, this set is acceptable for everyone and all ages, it was easy to make and would be fun to play with.

The holiday Christmas season is almost upon us and that is a very big holiday.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them and i will get in touch with you to answer them and consider them. I hope you will vote on this set and let your friends and family members know that you voted on n+p christmas tree farm brown log cabin, and thanks for your time!

Your builder and Lego fan Treetop 2017!

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