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Just Dance

let’s dance!

I learned during LEGO masters that the audience for LEGO is wider in demographics and gender than I thought.

I feel the LEGO lineup could use a wider range of designs representing that audience. :)

Many have contacted me, wanting to buy these dancers, or instructions to them. Most interested have been women and with the intention of interior decoration. I too feel these look great on a shelf, for those who don’t appreciate a big Star Wars collectors ship. :)

The dancers are all posable and could be posed as pleased by the builder or as suggested in the end of the instructions.

One of the builds have a rotating swirling pedestal. In final version this could be applicable to all of them ofc. The rotation could also easily be motorized.

There are a few bricks that I would like to have had recolored if this became a finished model. Such as the ball joints. (Would be appreciated by many builders around the world also..) :)

I am extremely grateful for and vote you could spare. Would be a dream come true to have had an official design.

Health and hugs to you!

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