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ESO's VLT Telescope (Cerro Paranal)

The European ESO's VLT telescope has fundamentally changed our understanding of the world and given us a glimpse of a distant and ancient world. To honor this achievement, I have made a LEGO model of the telescope. Just like the original, the model has 4 large telescopes and removable smaller telescopes.
The large telescopes can be rotated in 2 axis directions, so you can recreate real scenarios. I also tried to make the mirror with a reflective surface.

I hope you like the model. If you want you can also check out my Starlink satellite. 
I will now try to bring out more models around space to awaken the enthusiasm for this topic so just subscribe to not miss anything. The minifigure are included btw ;)

Let us get this model up to 10k and open the gate to the universe for everyone!

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