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The Flash v Zoom


My 3rd and smallest Flash build so far is based on CW's The Flash Season Two finale "The Race of His Life"

The Flash confronts Zoom who challenges him to a race to see who really is the fastest man alive. Or at least that’s why Zoom says they’re racing...

Barry must race Zoom in order to save his Foster father Joe West from Zoom, however in doing so the two speedsters speed provide Zoom with a means to power his Magnetar to conquer every Earth in the multiverse... unless The Flash can stop him.

​Barry ends up using Zoom's trick. creating a time remnant of himself to help shut down the Magnetar and save Joe. In doing so he attracts two Time Wraiths to deal with Zoom, after his numerous times medalling with the timelines/speedforce.

The build is made up of 290 pieces and 5 minifigs

  • The Flash / Barry Allen - with alternate headpiece and hood
  • Zoom / Hunter Zoloman - with alternate headpiece, hood and tool kit
  • Joe West - with handcuffs
  • Time Wraiths - Ideally with torn cloth leggings (like the ghoul from the minifig series)

The Magnetar has a couple of play features so you can re-enact what happened during the final episode of the show.

  • The lightning can fold inwards and out to resemble the devise powering up as the speedsters race around it.
  • Coming from the top of the device is a trans red firepole piece to represent a pulse of light/energy opening a vortex ready to destroy the multiverse, this also serves as a means for the Time Wraiths to come swooping down to capture Zoom

If you like this design and/or the TV show then please also check out my other two "The Flash" sets and show your support :)


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