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Winter Lumbermill

Hi there! It’s nice to see you clicked on my idea submission. My idea is based on the winter village series. I personally love this series.

So that’s why I created this idea, a LEGO Lumbermill house. I think this is a nice edit to the series.

About this set:
This set is made out of 1500 parts. It has a workshop, a house to sleep in and a truck to load in all of the collected wood.
The workshop is fully detailed with an interieur. It has a turning machine, milling machine, saw machine and a crafting table.

The lumberjack and his wife life deep into de woods far away from the city. There they cut trees to make some nice toys out of them back in there workshop. Jack (the lumberjack) is a man that works with all the heavy machinery. His wife is making sure that every toy has detailed color. After they finished there toy they bring it back to the store (set: 10199) in town. To sell it to people who live there.

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