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Bionicle Tahu Kanohi Hau Bust

A bust of Tahu Mata's Kanohi Hau mask in a similar style to LEGO's current line of character busts. A perfect addition to the desk of any Bionicle enthusiast, this model displays the iconic features of the original mold from 2001: The fierce expression, round mouth, transparent pink eyes, and cheek grooves are all depicted via the traditional LEGO system of building.

The bust is built with a wide variety of techniques, mainly studs on the side. However, it also utilizes clips to achieve some of the finer angles. Many sloped and rounded pieces were employed to capture the subtle curvature of the Toa of fire's mask.

I created this project because I believe Bionicle fans deserve something to commemorate the theme's twentieth anniversary, and a bust of possibly it's most iconic character is something that they could all enjoy.

*NOTE: Some of you may notice that the model looks quite a bit different than it did before. This is because, after showing the original design to a few fellow MOCists for constructive criticism (a number of whom commented that it looked like Pingu), I resolved to redesign it from the ground up. The new model is more structurally sound, accurate to the original part, and contains a light brick that allows the eyes to glow red.*

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