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STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS - Death Watch vs Republic Commandos


During the Clone Wars, there were many battles, fought throughout the galaxy. Through this tension, people split off from their own, forming new factions that would play a role in this time, one of which being Death Watch, a terrorist group of Mandalorians who left their people after Mandalore left their waring ways, and Duchess Satine declared nutrality during the war. In episode 12 of the second season of The Clone Wars animated series, Obi-Wan goes to Mandalore to find out information about a Mandalorian Mercenary who was spotted fighting alongside the Separatists. During this time, Death Watch made a direct assault on Satine, attempting to kill her with a remote-detonated bomb. Eventually, Obi-Wan was able to determine that Death Watch had formed a deal with the Separatists. However, after Pre Vizsla, leader of Death Watch, failed to assasinate Satine in episodes 13 and 14, Separatist leader Count Dooku broke their deal, leaving Death Watch on their own. We don't wee them again until season 4, episode 14, "A Friend in Need."

However, I doubt that the Republic would just leave Death Watch to be. This set is what I picture their response would be like. It is based off the storyline, not a part of it, but it would make sense for it to become a part of the story.

After Death Watch attempted to assasinate Duchess Satine on Corruscant, the Republic began tracking them down, soon finding them on a remote, jungle planet. A team of Republic Commandos were then sent down to either capture Pre Vizsla, or to destroy their ammunition and supplies. However, when the team reached the targeted base, they found it to be filled with reprogrammed convenience droids wearing Mandalorian armor. Realizing that it was a trap, they immediately began pulling out, but a team of Mandalorians came out into the open. After a quick yet futile fight, only one of the Commandos escaped. After getting away from Death Watch, he ran to a remote area, where he activated a distress beacon, explaining the situation. The Republic then sent another squad of Commandos in a rescue op. But this time, Death Watch was ready.

Repuclic Commandos: This set comes with five Commandos, each of which with their own set of skills. I will explain each in order of the given images.

Red: Leader of the rescue squad, red considers any civilian to be first priority, even if it risks the mission. If one civilian is left behind, he will stall until that civilian is safe. For this reason, many of his members respected him, some even taking his place so he may complete the mission. Unfortunately, this also means that he has lost the most amount of companions than any other squad leader of the Republic Commandos. However, the Military Court ignores this factor, claiming instead that it was the companion's fault, in an attept at relieving Red of the stress. However, it never worked.

Bolt: The squad sniper, Bolt stays behind most of the time, so as to keep an eye out for unknown variables. If he sees one, his first priority is to take it out. If he is unable to do so, he alerts his leader, whom he is proud to announce is Red.

Cole: Cole is the squads heavy/vehicular trooper. Experienced with all sorts of tech, .he made a custom USB device that, when plugged into a vehicle, will give him a display on his visor that allows him to learn how to drive it in a matter of seconds, allowing a quick escape. On this mission, he had the shuttle drop a portable cannon down with them, and hid it in the ruins of a nearby village, in case they encountered resistance at the rescue point. Unfortunately, they did.

Blaze: Blaze was a heavy trooper for his squad until a few days ago, when all but him were killed in an ambush. Now rescued by four more brothers, he only hopes he can kill as many enemy units as possible before getting off this mud ball of a planet. Cole handed him a minigun when they reached him, and he's used it well so far.

Chuck: Named because he, well, "chucks" grenades, Chuck is the demolitions expert. After his first squad was taken out, he joined Red's squad, but as of yet hasn't formed a relationship with them, despite two months of training together. Preferably working alone, he still follows orders, no matter what.

Death Watch: After fleeing Mandalore and the Republic, Death Watch has taken refuge on a secluded planet in hopes of gaining strength before coming out again. However, when a team of Commandos was reported by a convenience droid, they attempted to execute them. However, when one of them escaped, Pre Vizsla knew more were coming.

Pre Vizsla: Leader of Death Watch, Pre Vizsla is now trying to find off-world Mandalorians who would wish to join Death Watch. However, this is proving difficult, as most of them are either dead or already on a mission. Still, a few have come to help, including Shaz Zra.

Death Watch Trooper: We have three Death Watch members, one of which using a manned turret.

Shaz Zra: A female Mandalorian Mercenary, she came to Death Watch as soon as she heared of the attack on Satine. She was raised by her father, who practiced the old ways of the Mandalorians in secret. When her father was imprisoned as a serial killer, she was placed in an orphanage. However, when children started mysteriously disappering, the orphanage was closed. Upon further research, it was determined that all of the missing kids were bullies. By age 14, she had already killed more people than her father did, and even placed false evidence to get targets executed or imprisoned by the courts. Many of these were actual criminals, though commiting different acts like drug trafficking, kidnapping, etc. At age 18, she began using her skills as a mercenary. Now 24, she has come to prove to Pre Vizsla just how skilled she is. (Her armor is based off a character in the book REPUBLIC COMMANDO: HARD CONTACT, named Ghez Hokan.)

Mandalorian Armor: By the time of the Clone Wars, the color of Mandalorian Armor was held in high significance. Gray=Mourning a Lost Love, Red=Honoring a Father, Black=Justice, Gold=Vengeance, Green=Duty, Blue=Reliability, Orange=A Lust for Life. If this were to remain the case with Death Watch, which most likely would be the case, I can make assumptions about the symbolism of their armor. The grey is for the mourning of a lost love, their old culure, while the blue, a symbol of reliability, says that you can rely on them to maintain their culture and honor. Shaz Zra, my custom Mandalorian, painted her armor red and black: red is a symbol that she is following after her father, and black says that she believes her actions are just.

I hope that you like this set, and enjoyed the cultural relations. If you want to find where I got some of this information, such as info on Mandalorian Armor, please go to Wookipeedia, or .

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