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Pro builder rides: Custom Bike

The Model Team sets bring back good memories for many. I think that many will be pleased with the arrival of some new work in that area. My idea for Cuusoo is the 'Pro Builder' concept: authentic and very challenging.

My first contribution is this 1:10 scaled Harley Davidson Fatboy inspired bike.

Building this one is a challenge, and it should be. This bike could well end up at display to show your friends what you can do with Lego nowadays. The frame consists mainly of Technic parts, and carries the steering section at the front, the engine and the rear suspension. The biggest challenge is the engine, where no detail is sacrificed. Many parts are chromed as was done in the old model Team days. Other solutions will be possible as well, f.e. a mix of gray colors.

If you liked the old model Team sets, and want to see some new challenging realistic Lego scale models, then give me support please! Your vote is appreciated.

This picture shows the possibilities to customize this set. By replacing some color and adding some additional parts you can create a fresh look for your bike the way you like it.

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