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Princess Ida's Castle

After a long journey through the digital universe, Princess Ida wants a real 3D Castle. And what is better than LEGO bricks to design it?

But wait... 3D is not only isometric perspective. So, how to create paths and connections without 2D optical illusion? Foldable volumes, rotating stairs, well and secret passages are maybe the answer!
It is not a copy of one of the game's levels, but a combination of different stages. My tribute to the universe of Monument Valley, an Ustwo's game I have played a lot.

She can circulate inside the changing labyrinthine castle with the other characters of the game.
More concretely, different parts open, fold or rotate. Sometimes she doesn't end up where gravity should normally bring her. Strangeness was one of the elements I wanted to keep all the way of the scenario.

The bricks' language play the same role as in the digital game, for example the brick w. knob indicate rotation. Spatial elements, such as arches, curved paths or vertical stairs, are recreated to look as close as possible to the original. Inventive details for the appearance of simplicity!
You will also recognize elements such as flag, wings, who can be used for the storytelling while playing.

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