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Santa’s House


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Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Thanks for taking time to read this description! I built this because Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday, and I thought it would be fun to have a house for Santa Claus.
Santa’s house includes Christmas lights on all sides of the roof, a snowman in the yard, a wreath hung on the front of the house, and some holly berries on the back. In the interior, there is a kitchen, a grandfather clock, some cookies on a plate along with a glass of milk next to Santa’s chair, and some candy-striped stairs. Upstairs, there is a candle in the window, a bed, and a bathroom complete with a bathtub and sink.
I was originally planning to have a reindeer somewhere outside, but Bricklink’s does not have a reindeer piece yet. There was also going to be some candy canes lining the path to Santa’s door (the one included with the Sugar Plum Fairy from series 23), but unfortunately Bricklink does not have those either.
Some of you are probably wondering why Santa looks so grouchy…here is the reason. I looked at a ton of heads with beards as I was building the set, but the only two options that I liked was the one that you see in the photos above, and the other looked more like a grimace than a smile.
I built this Idea using Bricklink’s, and it consists of 1176 parts. Make sure you consider Supporting, Commenting and giving me feedback on how to make Santa's house even better, and Sharing with your friends and family to reach that goal of 10,000 supporters.
Oh, and by the way...make sure to check the 'Updates' section as we reach milestones. Have a very Merry Christmas!


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