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Kamino Cloning Facility

Out of all of the places that lego could not make, we seem to always get remakes of the same set. IE: Jabba's palace this summer or the 3rd rerun of the X-Wing. Sure these ships are iconic, but do we want to buy the same sets over and over? No! We need some fresh never made sets. I have designed the Kamino Cloning Facility as a new Lego Star Wars Set.

The designed set is built on four 42x42 baseplates. The set could be sold in 4 different sets to complete the entire base.

June 03, 2013: Reached 508 supporters! Thanks for all of the positive comments on my set. Anyone who comments an idea to add, I may add it to the set.
Next update: Jango Fett and Boba Fett's house

March 07, 2013: Reached 446 supporters! This set is now 1 year old! I would like to thank all the backers in the project. If we continue, we may hit 10,000 supporters one day!

September 06, 2012: Reached 280 supporters! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!
I posted a new photo with the new Obi-wan Starfighter landing platform.

May 20, 2012: Reached 107 supporters! Amazing!
I re-made the model because of this to show how it could look also.

March 18, 2012 : Reached 75 supporters! Thanks guys!
Because of the comment I've added sections on a seperate platform.

Box 1:
Landing platform for Obi-wan (fits his ship)
Clone training room
War Room (clone wars style)
Helmet distrbutor (with 7+ clones)

Here is the line up to get a helmet, and behind that, a target practice. Two of the smaller clones are at the target practice now.

The cloning facility would be raised above the floor plate for optimal space. It can house 9 clone troopers (In bacta tanks). This could be bigger for more clone creation.

This Idea/images are only for show, hopefuly lego would make it look better.

Here is the new section. It was divded into three for the purposes of having three seperat rooms for re-creation of clone wars scences.

Section 1: (biggest section) This hold the clone starting/testing chamber and the DNA house for all clones.

Section 2: (Far room/medium size) This is the ar room with obi-wan,shaak ti and prime minister. It has two holo-projecor board and a planet hologram in the middle.

Section 3: (Small section) Clone bunks and shower.

I would recommend going to the site that follows to see more of this awsome MOC

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