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Lego Shop


What better shop to be in a LEGO Town than a LEGO shop? So I just had to add it to my town.The shop was 100% designed by me. It features all the latest sets. A big Pick a Brick wall for all the Lego addict's part needs. Play table for the little ones. There is a real LEGO shop employee working behind the counter to be of great help to all AFOL's visiting the shop. We also received a fresh batch of LEGO while a LEGO truck came to deliver the latest sets. It is a very modern shop and catch one's eye just by walking by. Also features a glass roof for even more enjoyment of all the detail inside this shop.

I think this will be a great set as all of us love Lego and this will fit in well with our Lego Cities. Also it would not be that expensive.

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