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Knights of Brick


Aim of the Game

The Knights of Brick is an improved version of Ludo. I loved the game as a kid, but sometimes felt it lacked strategy and action (too few casualties). The board layout is different and the rules have been changed. Knights of Brick is compact and portable.

Now at all times, you will have several opponents in reach. Will you charge into the melee? Or will you pick them off at range from the tower (see below)?

Knights of Brick has an island theme, with knights from four islands sailing to the central mountain. Their aim is to "activate" the Mt. Colorful in the center.

Game Rules
  • Players can move forwards and backwards, with no limitations to remove pesky pursuers!

  • Each team has a starting spot that acts like a tower, pieces can safely ambush opponents

  • Players can only move pieces to the tower from the closest spot on the island. Maneuvering around the small islands can be a good choice when rolling small numbers

  • You can create juggernauts by stacking pieces on top of each other - you will be safe from smaller opponents and will block their movement

  • The mountain paths are single file. If you have a piece in front of another, you must move it forward first

  • Maneuvering on the mountain and home islands is exact; if your dice roll is greater, then you "bounce" off and go backward

  • The final knight must step on the colored tile adjacent to their mountain path, "activating" the magic beneath (and shouting “Jumanji!”)

These rules are the ones I felt generated the most strategic thinking and excitement, but the beauty of Lego is that everyone can change the game to fit their style! Let me know in the comments what suggestions you have to the rules or board layout.

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