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Isle De Meurta


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What is it: My creation is the Isla de Muerta, a deep cavern that played a huge part in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie "The Curse of the Black Pearl". The evil Aztec gold lies in there, and the crew of the Black Pearl was cursed as soon as they touched it. It's brick count is 325-350 pieces, and features Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, and Barbossa. It also features Jack the monkey and two cursed Pirates that were never released before. A skeleton piece and Jacks compass are extra pieces as well.
Why did I build it: This is far bigger and carries more scenes from the end battle and extra clip than the original set did. The original was also the only set based off the first movie. My dream is to make Pirates of the Caribbean Lego sets that were never release, and this is my first step, a redo of the already released Isla de Muerta.
Why do I think this will be a great Lego set: Pirate lovers would agree this set carries a bigger and better view of the Isla de Muerta, and would love to have this in their collection

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