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Jurassic Park / Dino - Raptor Pen

My idea is to create a one off special more detailed dino project, almost like a UCS or adult set. In addition, if possible, it would have a Jurassic Park licence.

The particular model I have built is that of the Velociraptor Enclosure that features in Jurassic Park (Commonly called the raptor pen). The model includes a number of park workmen, as well as some of the scientists and dinosaur experts.

The model features working main gate that slides up and down to let the safe dinosaur delivery crate enter the enclosure (see additional pictures).

It also comes with a watch tower that has a side door and stores various equipment such as fire extinguisers and tranquilizer darts.

Main Gate.

Watchtower side door.

Watchtower detail.

Velociraptor in crate. Be very careful!

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