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The Disability People’s Factory


On this planet there are people who have a problem that stops them from getting a job cause of there disability, such as epilepsy, unable to walk, has mental problems, physical, sensory, development, intellectual , cognitive, or some combination of these and others. These people want to work in life as everyone does, but a lot of the jobs here on this planet require experience people, but there’s hope, cause around the world, people with disability can work together in disability companies like mambourin, which have good people and a lot of good jobs for them to do to help the world with many jobs to earn there money they get from there government. This set is based on people with disability, showing that people like myself who has epilepsy can do something if they get trusted and if they get help. With help from there boss Lorraine, there supervisors Rebecca, Leah and Allen, these employees do there part at mambourin in Australia  to help many customers, from making showbags, assembling items, labeling products, and more. If you vote for this set, your showing your gratitude to these employees who work so hard even though they have a disability in there life, like me. Thank you. 

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