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Adventures Around The World


What is it?

I built these small showcase models of some of the most interesting and mysterious places in the world, as well as a mystery surrounding them. They are as follow:

Sahara Desert

Himalaya Mountains

Amazon Rainforest

You’ll see that it looks as if the models have been ripped straight out of the ground if you look at the plates at the bottom.

Why I built it?

I love mysteries, I have watched all the Indiana Jones, Lara Croft as well as The Mummy movies, I even still have some of the Lego Indiana Jones sets.I wanted to build something that people will enjoy and want to know more about the stuff surrounding it, rather than just wondering how long it took them to build it.

Lego set?

I think a lot of people will enjoy this because it’s a distinctive set and it makes you wonder.

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