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OffShore Bricks Oil&Gas Drilling Rig


Hello everyone.
This is my project, dedicated to all oil workers, gas workers and their families around the world. Thanks to my experience, ingenuity and dedication to build models and objects with LEGO, I was able to develop this project.
It is the design of an offshore oil and gas drilling rig made with 1665 various parts. It was not possible to improve or construct more details of the platform, because no more pieces and updated Kits are currently available in the toys that exist in Venezuela.
The project was done with old LEGO pieces from the LEGO 740 BASIC and LEGO CASTLE 375 kits that I have since I was a child. It has 50% of construction details, to have a 100% of construction details you must reach 2500 pieces without going over 3000 pieces, update many pieces, and develop new models of parts.
The mini figures that were added represent the most important workers who live in this drilling platform, such as Company Man, OIM, Rigger, HLO, security personnel or HSE, Crane driver and employees of companies Contractors. The helicopter was built because it is the most comfortable means of mobilization of the personnel, also owns a boat of transport of materials and of personnel but they could not be reflected in this project.
The Oil and Gas Drilling Platforms - Offshore and Gas Pipelines that are at sea, fulfill the mission of drilling the sea floor to search for Oil and Gas for processing. There are many models of Platforms, everything is oriented to its use, this project is oriented to the platform type "Jack - Up", that floats in the sea to move to the area where it is going to drill and when it is in said locality it lowers its bases and Is anchored in the seabed to begin drilling and to search for the required Oil or Gas.

Many thanks to all for watching the project and good luck to all other IDEAS builders in LEGO.
Greetings Carlos Rojas.

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