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The Door of the Kingdom

According to me the most important about a castle is the door. Because i think many things can happen here. I wished create this model because i love this Theme by Lego and i find it very fun. 

Description of my creation : In first, the king comes to the castle and he is followed by one of his knights, there ist also others lords and knights. On the outside we seeing famers who go about their business. There is also a view from the course of the castle and the magician's room.

I think it's a good idea to create this project because it seems to me realistic and it will be a good challenge for the AFOL. For me it's very important that everything thanks this creation can invent your own aventure ! There is many diversified details and i'm convinced a castle is a timeless and valuable aspect and monument of our history. It will be a good training for all. 

Have a good day to all and rebuild the world !

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