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Poly Bridge - Modular Poly Bridge System


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Hello Lego Fans,

Here is my latest creation: A LEGO version of the sucessful indie-game "Poly Bridge".
If you don't know the game I will explain it to you quickly: So you have to build a bridge and take care of some vehicles, that want to come to the other side without falling into the water. Just like this :)

And now lets come to the LEGO model:
I build this model because ever since the game came out I loved it. So I build a Lego version:
The model is a modular system of different parts, with which you can put together any of your creative bridge-ideas from the game. Included are the first four landscapes of the game, which are called the following: "Alpine Mountains", "Desert Winds", "Snow Drift" and "Ancient Ruins" Suitable for each world are a few different water modules, e.g. a rock piece to stabilize your bridge.
There are also some extra items included you can use to make your levels harder: The hot air balloon, a ship.
But what would be a bridge without vehicles. Of the vehicles I have of course implemented the classic motorcycle on which sits a minifig, the classic Poly-Bridge-Guy (Nobody knows his name), as well as a blue and a green car.
The materials you can use for your creative bridge ideas are wood, steel, hydraulics and two different types of wire: rope and cable.

I think the model would make a great a LEGO set because both LEGO and Poly Bridge are about creativity and they both are modular. This would fit perfectly together!
Also the MOC includes one Minifig and consists of about 3000 parts.

What will you build? I am curious, so I would be happy if you support this model on LEGO IDEAS.

Hope you like it :)

Advertising part ;)
This and my other mocs on Rebrickable:

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