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Lego Golden Girls Kitchen


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Welcome to my Project on Cuusoo…

I did a big Update in Jan 2014.

I made a Lego kitchen based on the tv show: "The Golden Girls". It's where the magic of Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and the lovely Sophia all came together.

The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls is an American sitcom, created by Susan Harris, that originally aired on NBC from September 13, 1985, to May 9, 1992. Starring Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty, the show centers on four older women sharing a home in Miami, Florida.

Some great moments on Youtube:

The Set:
- A diorama of the Kitchen area! Full stuffed with cooking supplies, food, drinks and many more.
Everything can be taken out easy. So you have full access to the complete set.

The Minifigures:
- Dorothy (Petrillo) Zbornak(comes with a newspaper)
- Rose Nylund (comes with a cheesecake)
- Blanche Devereaux (comes with a hand mirror )
- Sophia Petrillo (comes with a handbag)
- Stanley Zbornak (comes without his toupee, haha)

Interior details:
- Table with three movebale chairs ( For endless talks)
- Phone (So Blanche can call her date)
- Paintings
- Blender
- Stove with saucepan (So Sophia can make her secret italien sauce)
- Refrigerator
- Microwave/Oven
- Pepper & Salt
- Sink
- Shelfs
- Dishes & Cups
- Books/Papers ( So Dorothy can read more)
- Food ( Pineapple/Banana/Croissant/Appel/Cheesecake)
- Drinks (Milk/Water)
- Curtains
- Pantry (Full of stuff)
- Flowers
- Cookie jar (Do you think Rose put Haring in them?)
- Radio (So Rose & Blanche can practice their dance routine)
- Lamp (To see in the dark ;-) )
- Teddybear Fernando (Rose her precious childhood memory)
Check this scene on Youtube:

And many more to see. Just check out the pictures!

The Lego Golden Girls Kitchen..

Things I worked on!

- Complete new & better design

Lets make it happen :-)

Reasons to make this project happen;
- If you love the Golden Girls!
- If you don't love the Golden Girls, but really like a LEGO Kitchen!
- If you love all the details and accessories!
- We need more Female and Older Minifigures!
- It's different from the former great winning CuuSoo projects!
- Because we get BETTY WHITE as a Minifigure :-) !

Oct 2013 - 100 Votes (Thank you so much)
Nov 2013 - 200 Votes (Yeah)
Dec 2013 - 250 Votes
Dec 2013 - 500 Votes ( wow, its going GREAT )
Dec 2013 - 1000 Votes ( wow wow wow Lets hear what Lego thinks )
Dec 2013 - First Official Lego comment
Jan 2014 - 2000 Votes
March 2014 - 2500 Votes :-) Keep Smiling
March 2014 - 3000 Votes

Thanks for Voting and writing a comment..


I think the girls are ready for some Cheesecake!

Want to see more pictures of this set:

The Golden Girls Kitchen on Eurobricks

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