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The Steampunk Precipice

A group of intrepid explorers, drawn together through their diverse skill set and unique talents, have decided to tackle the challenge of living life on the edge, literally!

This build features 3 different sized houses clustered on the side of a cliff, along with some wacky inventions to help transport people, and goods, along the rock face. With a working crane, a small airship held aloft by 4 balloons, and the glider guy flying around the place, this build is stacked full of little details that come together to make a bustling little society.
The steampunk explorers do, however, have some problems with their new home. The Monster of the Precipice is forever nicking resources and attempting to grab people, so the explorers must be on constant guard with their stun weapons.

The abyss is made from a sideways built wall of black bricks and plates, with the tentacles attached to a bracket piece. The back of the build has 4 walls, which lift out so you can access the interior details and set up the Minifigures.

Thanks you for reading this far, EggsnBacon

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